GR-JGP: Request for Proposals for Local Justice Intermediary

Proposals are due January 25, 2023.

The Grand Rapids Justice and Governance Partnership (GR-JGP), in collaboration with Aspen Institute’s Criminal Justice Reform Initiative (CJRI), is part of a national effort to promote systemic approaches to public safety and justice. Safer communities better understand the underlying factors that impact quality of life across its neighborhoods, while also including community voices in policymaking and investment decisions. 

Through the GR-JGP, Grand Rapids brings together government partners, non-profit organizations, and residents to create shared visions for public safety and justice outcomes that are equity-centered, data-driven, and holistic. Ultimately, efforts will reduce the footprint of the criminal justice system, lower the dependence on crisis management services, and improve the lives of residents. 

Transformation of systems requires capacity building and coordinated action among a wide spectrum of stakeholders over time. The Justice and Governance Partnership engagement with Aspen CJRI is designed to occur over four stages over five years: 

  • Stage 1: Preliminary Stakeholder Engagement 
  • Stage 2: Planning | 6-12 months 
  • Stage 3: Initial Implementation | 24-30 months 
  • Stage 4: Sustained Implementation | 12-18 months 

The GR-JGP will complete the Planning Stage in February 2023 and currently seeks proposals from qualified organizations interested in serving as the local Justice Intermediary (LJI) and backbone host for the Implementation Stages. The LJI will coordinate work among partners and advance the goals of the GR-JGP for at least two years, beginning in March 2023. If selected, the LJI will submit a proposal on behalf of the GR-JGP to Aspen CJRI for up to $650,000 to fulfill its role. Applicants should familiarize themselves with the Aspen CJRI “Justice and Governance Partnership Program Description” in Attachment A, which provides details about the national JGP effort. While the backbone role is often played by a single organization, a shared service model across organizations may also prove effective, and organizations are encouraged to apply as such. 

For questions related to this RFP, eligibility, or your proposal, please contact Trudy Ngo-Brown at 616-454-7004 x109 or